Are Metal Braces Right for You?

Lady wearing metal braces

If you are considering straightening your teeth, it is likely that you have come across braces as a recommended treatment. Whilst braces have historically been seen as a teenage dental treatment, they have experienced a surge in popularity in recent years thanks to their durability and effectiveness. Metal braces are a suitable straightening solution for a range of alignment issues, so if you are interested in alignment treatment, read on to find out if this treatment is the right choice for you.

What are Metal Braces?

Modern dentistry offers a range of alignment options, from cosmetic to invisible; and metal braces offer a cost-effective treatment for a range of dental issues, including misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and bite problems.

The versatile twin bracket system involves attaching small brackets to each of your teeth, before threading a thin metal wire through the brackets to create the brace. The tension in the wires is gradually increased over time to apply pressure to the teeth, realigning them into the intended position. Whilst this treatment has been in use for decades, the systems have been significantly improved by the inclusion of smaller, less noticeable brackets for a more discreet, comfortable realignment.

These durable and highly effective brackets offer a range of benefits to those seeking realignment treatment, including:


Fixed braces are considered the most effective solution for many orthodontic issues, as they apply direct pressure to the teeth, which allows for precise control of tooth movement. They are effective for almost all orthodontic issues, including crooked teeth, overcrowding, and misaligned bites, and are frequently quicker than clear aligners when correcting dental alignment issues.


Thanks to their high-quality materials, these braces are durable and long-lasting. As they are designed to be immovable and cannot be removed during treatment, they are highly resistant to everyday wear and tear, and less likely to break or become damaged compared to other types of braces.


As one of the most affordable orthodontic treatments available, these cost-effective braces are an excellent option for adults who want to improve their smile without breaking the bank. They are also covered by many dental insurance plans, which can help to reduce the cost even further.


The wires and brackets that make up braces can be customised to fit the unique needs of each patient, as well as adjusted to ensure that the teeth move at the correct pace and in the right direction. This means that the treatment can be tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

The Right Treatment for You?

This treatment is a good choice for adults who need extensive dental alignments or for whom other cosmetic treatments are not suitable. Whilst realignment treatments such as invisible brackets and ceramic brackets are often favoured for cosmetic issues, metal brackets are the best option for oral issues that are affecting large sections of the jaw or gums.

Those with dental issues that are affecting their oral health, such as uneven bites and gaps between teeth, can benefit from these braces as they are highly effective at creating a stable foundation for newly realigned teeth. Braces can also help to resolve jaw problems by moving teeth back into place and putting less strain on the jaw, as well as making it easier to maintain high standards of dental hygiene, as realigned teeth are easy to brush and floss. They are also an excellent choice for patients seeking to improve lisps, whistling and other speech defects, as well as improving overall oral health and wellbeing.

With metal braces, patients benefit from both the cosmetic and structural benefits of the treatment. Braces often boost self-esteem by improving appearance and treating any cosmetic issues, and once removed, it is highly unlikely that the patient will require further treatment.

Master Series Metal Braces

Master Series metal braces are designed to straighten teeth and correct a range of orthodontic issues, including misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and bite problems. They are incredibly strong and durable, and are particularly effective at correcting severe orthodontic issues that may require more extensive treatment than other aligners.

When opting for this treatment, there are three different styles of brace to choose from, ranging from the smallest Low Profile brackets, and the smaller Mini Master brackets, through to the traditional size Master Series brackets. All these brackets are highly effective at correcting a range of dental issues, and are designed to be comfortable to wear, with low profile brackets that reduce irritation to the lips and cheeks, whilst also offering a discrete, flexible system for teeth realignment.

Metal Braces In London

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