Perfect Your Smile with Invisalign: the Perfect Teeth Aligners for Adults

Perfect Your Smile with Invisalign: the Perfect Teeth Aligners for Adults

There are many different ways to get a straighter smile and the ideal treatment for you will depend on a number of factors. If you have crowded, gappy or crooked teeth or suffer from an overbite or underbite, you might be suitable for Invisalign aligners. These clear braces have been designed for people with a busy lifestyle and who don’t want it to be too noticeable that they are having their teeth straightened.  To find out more about why Invisalign are the perfect teeth aligners for adults please read on or call us on 0203 973 9334 to book a consultation with our team.

Why Choose Invisalign Aligners?

If you think that you might be suitable for Invisalign, here are a few of the key reasons why many adults find this system works for them:

  • Invisibility: One of the most appealing features of Invisalign is their near invisibility. Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign clear aligners are almost undetectable, making them a great choice for adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly.
  • Removability: Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign aligners are removable. This makes it easier for adults to maintain their oral hygiene routine as they can easily remove the aligners for brushing and flossing. Besides, you can also take them out while eating or drinking.
  • Diet Flexibility: Since Invisalign braces can be removed during meals, you don't have to give up your favourite foods. Unlike traditional braces, there are no restrictions on what you can eat.
  • Comfort: These aligners are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly, resulting in a more comfortable experience. There is also no need for painful adjustments that are common with traditional braces.
  • Prevents Dental Issues: As the aligners can be removed for cleaning, it reduces the chances of plaque build-up and tooth decay. With traditional braces, food particles can get stuck, making cleaning difficult and leading to potential dental issues.
  • Compatibility with Activities and Hobbies: One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign for adults is the flexibility it offers for your lifestyle. It doesn't interfere with sports or playing wind instruments, which can be a significant concern for those with traditional braces. The aligners can be easily removed for these activities, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort. This makes Invisalign a perfect choice for adults who lead active lives and don't want their dental treatment to impede their hobbies or passions.

What About the Cost?

It’s true that some fixed brace treatments come in cheaper than teeth aligners for adults, but this isn’t always the case. It all depends on the issues with your smile that need correcting, how long the treatment will last and how many appointments will be required. With standard Invisalign treatment the aligners are changed every two weeks to help gradually move into the desired position, but you don’t need to visit our practice this often, we’ll just supply you with several lots of aligners in one go. 

If you are worried about the cost then speak to us about our upcoming special offers and finance options.

Will You Be Committed to Treatment?

Before you go ahead and make an appointment it’s worth finding out more about the commitments you’ll need to make in order to ensure your treatment is as successful as it can be.

  • Wearing Time Commitment: The effectiveness of Invisalign treatment largely depends on the user's commitment to wearing the aligners. It's recommended that you wear your Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours each day, taking them out only for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Wearing them less than the recommended time can delay treatment progress.
  • Aligner Rotation: As part of the treatment, you will need to change to a new set of aligners every two weeks or as instructed by your orthodontist. This allows your teeth to gradually move into their correct positions.
  • Cleaning Routine: Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial during treatment. This involves not only brushing and flossing your teeth regularly but also cleaning the aligners. This ensures that no food debris is trapped between the aligners and teeth, preventing potential dental issues.
  • Regular Progress Appointments: Regular visits to our practice are part of the commitment. These appointments allow us to check your progress and address any concerns you may have. The frequency of these visits may vary based on your individual treatment plan and our advice.

If you think Invisalign might be the solution to your misaligned smile, then please contact us to find out more about our teeth aligners for adults or to book an initial consultation to chat through your treatment options.