In light of the current global coronavirus pandemic, the practice has made the following the decision which is in line with the current government guidelines and directives.

On 20th March 2020, the government has advised all individuals to limit social interaction in order to limit /reduce the transmission of the virus.

The practice has decided that the safest action now is to cancel all orthodontic appointments and limit our services to emergencies or urgent appointments until further notice.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly but it is to minimise close contact in patient areas and surgeries and also to protect our staff, patients and relatives.

If you have an emergency please contact us on 020 3973 9334 please leave us a message ONLY if you have an emergency and we will endeavour to call you back as soon as possible to organise an appointment and advice accordingly. Please leave patient’s full name, date of birth and a contact phone number.

Please do not visit the practice unless you have an emergency appointment, booked in advance. Only patients with appointment will be allowed into the practice. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Emergencies are classed as:

  • Pain / discomfort
  • Damaged or lost  removable Retainer
  • Broken or damaged fixed retainer

Please note that loose or broken braces/fixed appliance are not an emergency.

We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused, but we are sure you will understand we have taken this action as advised by our regulators and the government to keep our patients and staff safe. Thank you for your understanding and loyal custom.

Updated information 27th May 2020:

Can I see my orthodontist now?

• As the coronavirus lockdown restrictions are being eased, clinics will start to reopen gradually. We have cancelled 1000s of appointments so please be patient with us.
• You will be given an appointment, as soon as possible, to see the orthodontist to continue your treatment or for consultation if you have been referred for treatment.

What has changed since I last saw my orthodontist?

• Clinics have been operating on an emergency only basis for the last few weeks. We only saw patients that needed urgent brace adjustment.
• Soon, we will be able to start to see patients that require normal brace adjustments.
• We have had to revise our protocols for seeing patients.

Is everything back to normal now?

• The simple answer is, not just yet!
• We are adapting our working environment to ensure maximum safety for you, your family and our staff.
• You may be asked to come to the appointment on your own. The waiting room will be quieter to maintain social distancing.

Is it safe to go back to see my orthodontist?

• Yes, it is safe to see your orthodontist. They have always maintained the highest standards of cross infection control and the safety of their patients and teams is of utmost importance to them.
• The team will have additional protocols in place to keep you and their staff safe.

Why is my orthodontist dressed differently?

• Your orthodontist and nurse will dress differently than they did when you last saw them before the lockdown.
• However, don’t worry, this is normal procedure to ensure that any risk of virus transmission is kept to an absolute minimum.
• They will be wearing different types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to minimise any microbial/virus transmission.
• Depending on the type of brace adjustment, they might wear different types of face masks, eye protection and gowns.

What procedure will I have on my first visit back to my orthodontist?

• If you have pain/discomfort from a broken brace, the orthodontist will aim to get you out of any discomfort as quickly as possible.
• Normal brace adjustment may be carried out on the first visit. Alternatively, your orthodontist may check on your progress and rebook you for brace adjustment.

Before the lockdown, I was scheduled to have my braces off, is this still going ahead?

• This is dependent upon individual circumstances. However, it is unlikely that this will still go ahead as teeth may have moved and will need final adjustments before the braces can be removed.
• Please check with your orthodontist when you see them.

Will my orthodontic treatment be prolonged because I haven’t seen my orthodontist during the lockdown?

• Orthodontic treatment can vary on an individual basis and depends on several factors including the type of brace currently worn, the overall treatment plan, whether dentalextractions have been carried out as part of the treatment and the stage of your treatment.
• It is inevitable that the duration of your treatment may be extended as a result of the pandemic. However, your orthodontist will try to minimise any further delay, hence you are being seen as quickly as possible!


• The team may wear different types of PPE than when you last saw them.
• Your appointment will likely take longer than previously.
• On your first appointment, the priority will be to get you out of pain/discomfort and possibly to have minor brace repairs/adjustments.
• You are unlikely to have the braces off at your first visit back.
• If you have any further questions, please consult your orthodontist.

Further information from the British Orthodontic Society is available at: