Iconix Aesthetic Braces


If you are looking for a brace that blends with your teeth and allows you to show off your smile whilst your teeth are being straightened, then Iconix Aesthetic braces may be the solution for you.

Iconix stainless steel champagne hued brackets offer the perfect blend of practicality and beauty - featuring the strength of stainless steel paired with the attractive look of "white" gold. Thanks to a specialised process, the brackets will remain champagne in colour throughout your treatment.

What to expect from Iconix braces?

  • Champagne coloured brackets that blend beautifully with your teeth
  • Low profile, contoured design to give you maximum comfort
  • Durable stainless steel braces that are also discreet
  • Patented technology and design
  • No changes to lifestyle required - we just recommend that you take extra care with your oral health routine, avoid hard, sticky foods that can damage your brace and limit your intake of sugary foods and drinks.

What are these braces used for?

If you are considering Iconix Braces here are just a few reasons to choose our orthodontic practice:

  • We’re a specialist practice with the skills and experience to deliver effective specialised treatments
  • We take a holistic approach to improving your smile, which means we take facial aesthetics, balanced bite and dental health into account when recommending the most suitable treatments
  • Our experienced team is highly qualified and each professional has been selected because of their dedication to providing excellent dental care.

Contact us to find out more

To learn more about Iconix Aesthetic Braces treatment and whether you are suitable, please contact our team on 0203 973 9334 to arrange an initial consultation.

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